Where chicken are delicious!

Distributor of chicken products

Taste the difference.

Fresh, flavorful and full of nutritional value. Especially for you.

At Rainbow Farm, we care about our products from beginning to end. We know that the choice is up to You, and the final recommendation comes from Your customers. Managing a high-tech enterprise, with automatic production machines and a masterful team — we create products that are excellent at every turn.

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We select meat solely from organic suppliers. Certified, inspected and repeatedly appreciated – matched to Your needs and standards.

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Deep-freezing, vacuum packaging, or maybe the modified atmosphere method? You choose, and we preserve the taste and nutritional values of the products.

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Production speed and quality. These factors make a big difference in this industry. We know how to bite the logistics to get your products to wherever you need them.

Want to be sure you’re choosing the best products on the market?

Unbeatable quality

We know how complicated and exhausting is the search for the perfect products. You have to remember specific requirements for poultry quality, pay attention to certifications, and other specific standards. We understand your needs. That’s why, at Rainbow Farm, we speak openly what we have for you!

Food production in accordance with the HALAL and HACCP system.

Offer meeting all BRC certification standards

Automated machinery that follows demanding hygiene requirements

Good chickens. And Good Business, Too.

Our roots go back to 1998, when we started in the poultry business as a Polish company and then developed one of the most innovative enterprises.

  • We chose progress.
  • Technology.
  • And solutions customized to the needs of our customers.

Automated production and excellent sanitary discipline have brought our products to the ultimate class of quality.

Interestingly, using technological innovations was the first half of our success. Behind the second half stands our employees, whose safety and development we take care of at every step.

Our products.

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Chicken meat

Outstanding taste and nutritional value. Long-term freshness. Quality that inspires us. With Rainbow Farm, everything what you expect from a good chicken – you have in one place. Flawless product safety, naturalness felt in every bite and a packaging system matched to Your needs.

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Chicken kebab

Easy and quick to prepare baked kebab — perfect for those who want a convenient and quality product. The unique blend of aromatic spices is transformed into a distinctive taste that is hard to forget. The product is processed by traditional toasting, cutting and then deep-freezing so as to preserve the full flavor.


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Faboulous food


No matter if your customers prefer to compose their own meals, or choose ready-made products, our chicken kebab perfectly fulfills their culinary fantasies. It’s never “just” a kebab. It’ s a complete nutritionally, tasty, fresh and, above all, ready-made product. Catch it, heat it up and eat it just the way you like it!

poultry supplier.

The stable position of Rainbow Farm in the poultry market we owe to the nurturing long-term relationships with business partners and reasonable policies for investment management. As a national and worldwide distributor of chicken meat, we enjoy the trust and respect of our customers. To guarantee the excellent quality of our poultry supply, we constantly develop our competence and technologies.