Our products.

Made of chicken meat.

You need some raw chicken meat? Or maybe you are looking for a distributor that provides ready-made chicken kebabs? In our offer you can find both options!

Different forms of packaging allows keeping the perfect taste and flavor of meat. You are the one who chooses whether you prefer VAC vacuum packaging, MAP modified gas atmosphere or IQF deep-freezing.

The flavor and freshness that you expect from premium chicken.

Chicken meat

Fresh, juicy, full of natural flavors — and perfectly packaged. At Rainbow Farm, you can find chicken meat that meets all your expectations. The quality? Impeccable. Safety? Maximum. Taste? One that people will come back to.

Chicken kebab

Ready-made baked kebab that just needs to be reheated? Check out how convenient it is! With a unique mix of aromatic spices, we created a juicy chicken kebab that’ perfect for occasional and everyday meals. Made by using traditional toasting, cutting and then deep-freezing to keep the best aspects of it.