Unrivaled quality.

Customized to Your needs.

  • Food safety certifications
  • Proper storing and freezing technology for products
  • Highly advanced machinery that follows all hygienic procedures

Our goals – Your success!

At Rainbow Farm, what matters to us is repeatable and impeccable product quality. As a result, we know that every batch that comes to You is completely safe and meets your expectations.

A key part of our success is an effective system of quality and food safety management, and adequate machinery with a professional production line.


Confirmation of our quality is the certificates and awards that we have.

Since the beginning of our activity, we have primarily complied with the requirements of the BRC food safety certificate, as well as the standards of the HACCP certificate confirming that our products are verified and safety.

In addition to this, we have earned Halal certification, which confirms that our production is consistent with the norms of Islamic law. Producing halal-compliant products also means taking care of the environment by using biodegradable materials and storing items properly. At Rainbow Farm, we care about your satisfaction and our trustworthiness, so we choose the best certifications in the poultry industry.