About us

Rainbow Farm.

Distributor of chicken products.

It was then that we started our business as a Polish company. In almost 25 years, we created one of the most innovative companies in the poultry industry. The basis of our success was the know-how that allowed us successfully to carry out our mission.

What’s more, we have used perfectly efficient logistics to serve more customers and deliver fresh products on time everywhere. Thanks to comprehensive monitoring, we have control over all processing and distributing operations.

Do you want to know how we
achieved this?

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We choose high-tech technologies that enable us to rest easy and don’t worry about the quality of our products

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We have opted for a high degree of automation in production processes to ensure that everything we have in distribution is of an equally excellent grade

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We took care of an impeccable environment that meets all sanitary requirements

We know that innovation is something that many companies declare — but it doesn’t always equate to the truth. That’s why we talk about the solutions in our company, and we also demonstrate our production processes.

Our existing customers appreciate that we invest in high-tech park, and comprehensive employee training. Thanks to this, we not only take care of the continuous development of the business, but we also improve their work safety.

We maintain a stable position in the poultry sector by caring long-standing relationships with our business partners, and wisely managing investments. Our main goal is to create the Rainbow Farm brand, which distributes products to the whole world.

Rainbow Farm.

Step into the future.