13.12.2022Ready for a new chicken Kebs? See what we have prepared for you!

Simple composition, simple preparation, straight to your home – the ready-made chicken kebab is now in our offer. It is characterised by its unique taste, thanks to the content of only repeatedly tested and certified meat, as well as a unique composition of spices.

How do we create the perfect taste?

The aroma of the succulent kebab remains in the finished product regardless of how it is stored – something we have taken excellent care of. All to ensure that you get a delicious and wholesome meal into your hands that you can eat anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is heat up the kebabs according to the instructions and you have a ready-made dinner – with an extra salad, your favourite tortilla, or whatever toppings strike your fancy!

Why is Kebs something for you?

Do you value convenience, the ability to compose your own favourite dishes and quick cooking? In addition, do you expect more than just a tolerable taste from your meat? Then Kebs Original is the right choice! The cooked meat in the cut form is the perfect base for your further ideas, as well as a source of nutrients. We only choose the best, so you won’t find any unnecessary additives, artificial flavours or enhancers in Kebs.

Imagine the broad composition of flavours of a good classic kebab.

Plus the perfectly balanced softness and simultaneous crunchiness of the meat so that its flavour reaches all your taste buds.

Freshness that you can feel in every bite.

And you don’t have to search for the perfect kebab any more – if you try and find out what Kebs Original tastes like! Go to kebsoriginal.co.uk