13.12.2022Rainbow Farm at SIAL 2022 in Paris

SIAL Paris is an international source of inspiration for the food industry. In a matter of a few, it becomes the largest centre for innovative ideas from manufacturers, as well as proposals that have the potential to conquer global markets.

What is SIAL?

The origins of SIAL can be traced back to 1964, when International Food Week brought together a host of enthusiasts, experts and innovators from as many as 26 countries in one place. As a result, the exhibition, which has been running for more than 50 years, continues to attract new exhibitors, as well as visitors who are interested in new developments in the culinary world.

Who shows up at the fair?

Organised every two years, SIAL brings together not only manufacturers or buyers, but also international importers, retailers, media specialists, as well as other independent organisations with an interest. Over several days, visitors can admire, learn about and be inspired by the exhibitions on view, which often leads to interesting debates as well as exchanges between participants.

Rainbow Farm at SIAL

In October 2022, we took part in the SIAL trade fair as one of the producers of an innovative product. It was there that we showcased the Rainbow Farm brand and the excellent range of chicken meat and chicken kebabs, which is characterised by excellent taste, quality and freshness.

Our professionalism is confirmed by the list of certifications we hold, such as HALAL or BRC. We only use wholesome meat and aromatic spices in our production, which has allowed us to create ready-made and innovative product proposals.